Suite Hospitality / Box Ticket FAQs

You can book your tickets online or you can complete a booking form and e-mail it to

There is no difference between a Suite and a Box.

If the Suite is Full Hospitality then light hot and cold snacks will be served followed by a full buffet hot meal.

Yes drinks are included in Full Hospitality Suites/Boxes.

Our bars are usually Local bars but Premium bars are accepted at an additional cost.

You can book your tickets online or you can complete a booking form e-mail it to

Not always, it all depends on the stadium and the match being played.

Full Hospitality Suites will open 1 hour before the game and close 1 hour after the game, also depending on what time the stadium has lock down.

The Suites/Boxes vary from stadium to stadium but on average 24-26 people.

Golf Day FAQs

The cost varies event to event and depending which golf course is being used.

A 4 Ball Better Ball is when you play in pairs and a 4 Ball Alliance is when you play in teams of 4.

A game of golf would usually take between 4 and 5 hours.

You can either have a morning tee off between 07h00 & 09h00 or an afternoon tee off between 11h00 & 13h00.

Depending on the availability you can tee off from either of the holes.

The cost varies, but is usually between R1600 and R1800 per a 4 Ball, this includes Green fees, dinner and prize giving.

This all depends on the golf course that is being used and it is advisable to contact them directly to book your cart as they control the booking of carts.