Twinkle Star Foundation Fund Raising Golf Day

The Twinkle Star Foundation is a registered Trust, Public Benefit and Non-Profit Organisation.

The founder of the Twinkle Star Foundation, Carol Schroeder, is known as an angel to people in the Embo community (near Hillcrest, KZN). The Trust was set up by people who believe in the work that Carol does, and what she accomplishes in our local rural community of Embo. The Trust makes a difference in the lives of children, the elderly, and their families. The Trustees of the Foundation work tirelessly to grow and develop the Trust in order to best serve these amazing human beings. We rely solely on donations to assist and support these incredible people, and the generosity of people in our community has been absolutely awe-inspiring. We are so blessed to receive support from our donors, any and all support is received with humility and sincere gratitude.

Since 2005 Carol, her family and her assistant cook over 100 litres of hot nutritious food every Thursday. Each Gogo and Madala is given two litres of food and one loaf of freshly baked brown bread, which they take home to feed their families. A lot of these elderly people look after their grandchildren who have lost their parents to diseases. The Ikhwezi Crèche is provided with fresh vegetables & ingredients to make nutritious meals every day by the Trust. Every December without fail we get shoes, bags, belts etc., from Footwear Manufacturers as gifts. We hold a party for the Gogos and Madalas, serve lunch, cake and tea. They are also given fresh cakes, and food hampers to sustain them over the Christmas and New Year period. The number of hampers has grown to over 200 thanks to the incredible generosity and support of our donors.